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Who wants to go in on it with me?

I just want the motor and interior......

This car was wrecked in January 2006. ...The car includes: GIAC ecu chip; neuspeed short shifter; Quaife limited slip diff(still in box, never installed); Neuspeed springs; Koni yellow shocks; Front and rear strut tower bars; Brembo Cross drilled rotors all around; Heavy duty trans and engine racing mounts; eip tuning fuel pressure regulator; Real aluminum dash kit; VW monster matts; stage 1 clutch and lightened flywheel; Eclipse deck,12in alpine type r sub,MTX amp. (Also I have the original stock rims. The tires on these rims have about 30,000 miles on them.) Before the accident everything on the car worked. As best we know the only real damage is as pictured - to the right rear side. The frame is NOT bent...

ORLY? - in valdosta? - that sounds awesome... it would be a good deal,

brandon could try out the GIAC chip and run those shocks

juan can get the rotors

I will take the engine mounts and queef diff, FPR...

Neko can grab the clutch/flywheel

Bigbrad can make use of the Carbonio Intake

Lester, you'll need not only the motor, but the tranny as well because the vr6 requires a completely different bellhousing.... if the axles are still useable, grab those too, the brakes you'll need too to use the 11.3" rotors if you wanna go all out... so how are we gonna split the cost up if we are doing a euroHoH purchase?

yes i definently need the chip and the shocks

I just sent the person an email. The auction has 13 hours left to go on it. I asked for the reserve price, and we can take it from there. If everyone is serious about it, and this person wants to make a deal, maybe we can drive down there to take a look at it. Of course we would need some sort of plantation barn (cough-cough - Brad) to store it in and start ripping it apart.

I can let ya know when the person replies, but I think this would give the Beetle some oompff and help everyone else out with parts that they need.

ooohhh i call teh rear strut brace and sub box. but have ya heard nething yet?

No response to the email i sent as of yet.... 7 hours to go on the auction before it closes. Guess we'll see what happens. It seems that everyone could use a piece of this thing within our group. I know that eng/tranny would make me happy.

we'll be waiting to hear word on what's going on with this!

I actually need the door regulators too Smilie_PDT

tdamecpa (4)
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Item: Volkswagen : Golf (4652974478)
This message was sent while the listing was active.
tdamecpa is the seller.
I am not yet ready to disclose my reserve. I have had many inquiries, but only a very few from GA. It seems to me it would certainlly be easier for someone in GA or North Florida to pick up the car. In any event, my plan is to entertain offers on a 1st come 1st serve basis if car does not sell at auction. I will not consider selling for less than my current reserve. You are welcome to e-mail me after auction closes is car does not sell. Thanks for your interest.

so now what? wat are we gonna do? if the reserve is over 5K, is it still worth it?!

NO FRIGGIN' WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

THERE AIN'T NO WAY THEY LET THAT CAR GO FOR $2750!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PDT_Aliboronz_13 PDT_Aliboronz_13 PDT_Aliboronz_13

That's not even fair... :( not fair at all...

well, I still got a motor that needs a home Smilie_PDT

it has a home mark in your car. we need to swap it. just give me a shit load of sugar and energy drinks and stand back. snap snap snap snap.

ROFLMAO!!! just no actual food, right? make's the Felix quite the sleepy

knocks my ass right out. like a crack whore hit by a ball bat.

Anyone reading this tonight and is serious about going in on me with this, let me know and I'll call the guy tonight. I may just call him anyway and tell him that I could have a final answer by tomorrow night.

Let me know if there's any serious takers..... Travis, you want the interior?

I just got off the phone with the winning bidder and he can not deliver funds in the 7 day period as disclosed/required on e-bay. He still wants the car for the sales price but will be late with money. I told him I was going to contact you and another potential buyer to see of you were interested at the $2,750 price.


Tim B. Dame, CPA
Dame, Davis & Co., LLP
PO Box 2270
Valdosta, GA 31604-2270

ph# 229-259-0909
fax 229-259-0910

how much money can we as a group raise really fast? PDT_Aliboronz_07

Well, i've got room on the credit card to purchase this thing. I just need to know who wants/need what pieces off this thing and what they want to pay. If all goes through we can get this next week. Other question that comes to mind is what to do with the shell afterwards.

Only thing that's important to me is the engine, tranny, and steering wheel. Everything else is up for grabs.

well i could maybe get the suspension except fot the knuckels of course cause you need those. and maybe some brake stuff that you don't need. and possibly some other stuff.

also lester i will do the swap for some parts. you need this car. think of how much bigger and stronger your fast will become with a vr in its belly. and the sound oh my gosh.

i am definently down to get the shocks and chip for the ecu maybe a few other things PDT_Aliboronz_04 PDT_Aliboronz_04 PDT_Aliboronz_04 PDT_Aliboronz_04

i need the suspension for faster things. and i think lester would want the ecu and chip. cause the ecu, cluster and ignition lock are a match set and have to go togther unless you go stand alone, or get a custom chip without the emobilizer. i can use your old stuff i just need certain components there brandon. and lester needs the hubs for the swap cause vr6 are different than his bugs.

page 3 owned and any updates. call me lester, actually call me felix. but give me a ring 478-397-9380

so this thing is still good to go? I thought we lost the bid on eBay... what's the new word?

so whats up with it lester? PDT_Aliboronz_20

Replied to your PM... but to let everyone else know as well.... it's just not in the overall budget right now. Trying to maintain 2 different households is a pain in the ass sometimes. Really hugs a nut too 'cuz I really wanted to buy that thing!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. PDT_Aliboronz_11
nah screw that id rather have kept on loving. that cold hearted bitch if i ever see here again. j/k you will find other ones. keep fighting the good fight and all that. PDT_Aliboronz_20 Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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