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Which car should I get? Need opinions!

If it were me i would go with the s4 wagon, i had a RS4 wagon when i was in german and loved it, still pissed off the i could not bring it to the states.  also audi is a little bit cheaper for maintance, you insurance should be cheap since it is a "Family car"

I would go with either of the S4's.  I had a friend who had a new 2007 M5 and it has a few problems and repairs.  Lucky for him it was under warranty, but with that many miles, there are so many options on that thing something is bound to break and be expensive as hell.

The only thing with the wagon is that is has over 80k mi already, but I really like the idea of having an S4 wagon.  And the M5...who wouldn't pass up the chance to own a such a legendary machine?  Unless the problem is electrical, I will pay myself labor for maintanence, cause whatever vehicle I decide to go with I'm keeping for the life of the car.

Pssssshshhh! legendary?! HoH, Pahleez!

my pick if ya wanna mess with it a lil Smilie_PDT

if you just wanna drive and be done with it (except for maintenance)
then this is tickling me:


I'd totally hit da black un

Man that guy wants way to much money for that 325.  If you want something that is quick and reliable get an E36 M3.  Smilie_PDT

Hey e30m3 seems like you would be the one to ask, what do you think about the e39 M5, particularly the ones I've been looking at?

the e39 is a very nice car - touring vehicle if you wanna doit like that! I think you'd enjoy the e30 mo betta - hell, you can drift that puppy... granted you can drift the e39 too, but it's a big car. you want classic and potentially no drop in value when you get it? both might be good buys... the e30 is still racking up a 10k price tag for an 80's car :eek:!

the black/black e39 is pretty pimp, I'll give it that. looks hot sucks gas hotter - porn star ;)

the black black/red seems pretty good too! just not fan of a big car unless it's a wagon Smilie_PDT

but I'd prefer the e30 drivers status over the e39 ballaz status anyday!

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