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What you doing tonite - watch Scary Movie 4? Zebulon -7:40

Maki and I are planning to go watch Scary Movie 4 up @ zebulon tonight... if any ya'll wanna come join us for some gross humor and laughs... then that's the place to be... we can catch a bite to eat either before or after (Probably before)...

I know JU-AN is doing some coilover work at the hobbyshop so he could use some support Smilie_PDT

Oh, Felix is Bouncing at Dea's night club tonight so if you got the urge to hit the local club scene, give him a shout out.

so there are lots of things to do today!
Track @ Reynolds (Brandon)
Movie @ Zebulon (Mark)
Coilovers @ Hobbyshop (Juan)
Dea's @ Macon (Felix)

choose your poison and maybe we'll see each other.

Travis @ Drinking

so how was the movie?

well, you know... turns out that maki didn't get off of work till 9:30 PM...(my poor dahlingu :( )

so I ended up at the track with brandon and neko... I ran out of gas when I got there so I had no choice but to hit up some race gas Smilie_PDT ... wasted 3 gallons and never got to full use that 110Oct :(

my clutch was slipping every run I took... so I got another project coming up in the next couple of weeks....

I ran a consistent 14.4 at 99mph with the clutch slipping in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th....but the power is there! I can feel it!! ... brandon ran consistent solid 15's which is his fastest times so far with a stock vr6 12v... so congrats to him!.

yay!! i was runnin 15's hahaha, last night was alot of fun thx for comin out guys!!

damn mark your slipping....hahahaha i should of went out there and used marks tires like i did last time.

we should have a movie night. Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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