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vr6 rebuildup mk4 buildup

To my loving wife (who'll probably never even look at this thread) who hasn't given up on me yet Smilie_PDT - as much as I've been neglecting her ... :( - I owe her big time!!!
pics for hits:

before the masssive teardown...

Well, I've seen all these build up threads in the mk4 forums messing with this and that and all that goofy stuff... I've been saving up and buying little bits and pieces here and there and now it's time for my 15 minutes of glorythreading...

I'm doing my very own build up... actually it's been since about 3 weeks ago since I've started and a little bit longer since I've got my front end parts together...

for those who don't know me - just a tuner n00b down in the middle GA south area who is trying to get into the heavy hitter status Smilie_PDT Smilie_PDT...

got my nicely aged 12v vr6 with an SC on it longer than it has been putting around naturally aspirated... with my dreams and aspirations with the help of the vortex community and locals here in the DUrty South, I'm ready to tackle the complexiy of a build up... starting with my 120k mile old engine... Smilie_PDT

Parts are grabbed wherever I can get them... eBay is my friend...
Haris - (R32Jetta's buddy) sold me a 20k mile 12v back last year and I've been trying to save up pennies here and there to finally get the ball rolling... He set me up with a 8.5:1 headspacer engine. 3 way valve job, and completely rebuilt motor. ARP headstuds, double chained cams (mk3 stylez)

Larry LSinLV has given me some insight to what I'm eventually looking for in my grass roots inhouse garage setup...

VF has provided me lots of SC joy and support - all 3 VF motormounts, much information and help when I kept braking belts (which I pray they have a final solution for)

256 Cams from was my pride and joy...

replacement parts from a local euroshop down here helped me out in troubled times.
even helped me rebuild my Supercharger when my stupid self thought that the belt was never tight enough...

Performance Cafe provided some OBX headers which I gasket matched for my better flow enjoyment.

Dremel is my Hero =) - let me port out the exhaust ports on my head, as well as my Headers

ANSA Automotive and Verocious Motorsports assisted me with my search for the ultimate custom exhaust system.

Felix (my 1.8BT boy) taught me and pretty much advised me almost every step of the way and he also was my muscle man since I'm a scrawny little asian... also gave me access to my very own 02M 24v vr6 6speed tranny... mmmmmmm... and his gorilla strength allowed my aging engine to finally come out of it's house...

Brandon (my vr6 bretheren playa) also helped me with some monkeying around with transmission and interior.

Neko - my paint and decal guru will be helping me a bit with paint and bodywork

Tom T-boy is my trashtalking support and helped me on numerous occasions ... especially with my HID retrofit knowledge (royale5 is also a big part of my headlights too)

shoutout to 42draftdesigns for helping me with my gauge selections and senders...

Autotech sold me some rare Zender pieces as well as a very nifty EUro plate for me to pimp out our little euro group here in Middle GA - euroHoH represent!

thanks to REVO and their wonderful and powerful Lemmiwinks software to let me play with values I wouldn't have even known about toying with...

I missed some others and I apologize... just tired and want to sleep.

tomorrow I'll post up pics... but in the meantime you nightstalkers can go here:

enjoy! ... oh.. just as frame of reference... no engine work has really been done outside of either my (or Felix's) garage. everything prettymuch by hand or with my aircompressor tools Smilie_PDT - buildup on a budget!! WERD!

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Getta Life

Okaaay GUuuuy's alll to getther nooooooow.......


bah.......turbo, Turbo...TURBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: vr6 rebuildup mk4 buildup

Time for an update... wait, where'd you go?

update and turbo you little man

ok, I'ts been a year now....wheres the update?!?!?!  PDT_Aliboronz_20

tell me about it.  well the car is coming back together as a VRT.  the motor and trans are in (thanks to the SEXY PRESS) and he is finishing up the lil stuff like final piping and such.  the front subframe was not on as of 2 days ago.  and Mr. Tan is on a tight time frame due to Mommy in Law will be leaving soon and then he has to train a new pit crew member (aka baby M) PDT_Aliboronz_20

Thats good.  I haven't heard from the MAC Town crew in a while.....hope all is well.

I LOLd Smilie_PDT

sorry bout missin out! It's comign back together slowly but surely.. Neko-chan is helping me out so much along the way! Manly Press has been my savior for tranny uninstall/installing and Helga patching. My Maki is very caring and understanding, but as soon as her mom leaves, I gotta be done or else!!!

Tom, I need you to hold my hand when installing the boost controller... if anyone hasn't realized (Adam) I'm a complete clutz with electrical stuff... hmm, me shorting out the house breaker and shocking myself on the alternator (Tom) comes to mind.

Marie is doing well, I'm not going to turbo charge her anytime soon... She'd be graduated before I got around to finishing it!  Smilie_PDT

anyway... I'm stuck attempting to figure out my vacuum lines and coolant paths since a lot of it is no longer stock... it's like OEM- Smilie_PDT

just remember to keep the "RED" from touching anything metal.  Better yet, do like you're suppose to, and disconnect the battery before working on anything like the alternator....LOL  PDT_Aliboronz_20
Sum Old Guy

Hey Guys,

Anyone else interested in a COMPLETE VR, check the Pull A Part site.  They just put out a Passat YESTERDAY!! (Im not good with Passats, but it looks like a late 90's).   Not sure how long it will be there, but if I didn't have transmission issues, I would have taken it.  $125 for the engine and 75 for the transmission (but the engine bay is still intact).

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