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Vortex Forums are DOWN!!

The parent site posted this message;
"VWVortex forum software has been pull due to the lawsuit with ZeroForum/RelyNet Founders. If you registered FireVortex - you may join a chat at"

no not the whoretex.  maybe we can get some more hits now lol.  but i will miss it alot if it doesn't come back.

Apparently it's back up, using a different forum system.

will have to log on.  did all of the data get saved?

Looks like most of it is there, but the search is way different, and it doesn't seem you can have favorites unless you "subscribe" to a thread.  Also, John pointed out that it doesn't show you from the forum list which threads have pictures... so sucks for the sale forum.

Good news is that if you do subscribe to a thread, you can now choose if you want to get the email immediately, daily, or weekly.  

Be sure to go in and set up your profile, that information did not get transfered. Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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