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hey errrrbody.

long time no talk! i have been so busy with work and having a car that overheats... BUT, tucker is in the shop. I got the head gasket replaced. He purred beautifully, then shut off when he got to operating temp. wouldnt start again. My friend left the car, and we went back up and it started and idled (oh to see him since i hadnt driven it since last friday). then he shut off and wouldnt start back up. so in the meantime, i SMARTLY invested in a 1988 golf that runs and has an amazing interior (except the missing headliner), he needs a paint job and a manual tranny, but for $400 bucks... Smilie_PDT and the cruise control works. Smilie_PDT  oh, and remember my wonderful bumper held together by zip ties? well, it fell off and i ran over it its kinda dinged up and makes him look a little sad... :(

when i get tucker up and running again im coming down to visit. im aiming for July, but i have to know when because i have to put in a request like 2 weeks in advance.

so anyways... Wudafuxup?

your starting issue sounds like the warm-up regulator, or the cold start valve is staying on.  try unplugging the could start valve and see if it starts when warm.  and let us know when you coming down for a visit i will make sure and shower.  PDT_Aliboronz_20

Next meet, probably the friday after Independence Day. Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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