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Truely Sad

I am sorry to say this but it is truely sad that a get togehter means lets look at the post but nothing else. I can understand if you have something to do like move into your new house, have to work, or on military duty. Those are a good reason not to come, but 44 people look at the post and all you get is two people to reply. I now that there is what they call snow dubbers that only come out in the summer, but I have not seen anybody all summer. The pic that is the headliner in the Eurohoh website doesnt mean anything in my book. I hope this opens peoples eyes and get togethers become something more in this group.

I will ring in defense of the "regular" guys... I think that everyone that's not  moving or selling or buying a house right now is helping someone that is.  Plus, we just about all have kids now too.  I think that's why the first Friday thing usually works for us, it's harder to forget among all the other stuff going on.  

I apologize for not getting out tonight, but if you knew the crap I've been through in the last few months; starting a new job in Atlanta, trying to remodel and rent or sell my house, trying to workout a new visitation with the Ex, fixing my MKII just to get it to ATL, and trying to fix things with the girlfriend that's been waiting on me for 2 years to move closer to her.... I think you get it.  

I'm not flaming you, I understand.  The past few years I've tried to keep things going and have been fairly satisfied, despite a few major disappointments.  Don't give up on us yet, September usually picks back up a bit.  Things tend to be a bit more active in the spring and fall.

there's no reason at all to get an attitude like that man. first off, no one said they would definitely come, and two people said they would try. what in the world did you expect with that? so what the thread had 44 views? it was the same few people over and over checking on the new posts.

as it is with me, and i'm almost certain with a few of the other guys, we're just too busy right now. i'm trying to finish a valve job on a GTI before sunday night, adam is still in the process of moving to atlanta, and felix got his move date pushed until this weekend. I really don't know how you expected a ton of people to show.

it's not like we have a ton of regulars, you know who normally shows up, if you want definite answers, it never hurts to call. also, perhaps you should be a bit more choosy on what you complain about. I mean, it's one thing to complain if about 20 people say they'll show and none of them do, but TWO people said MAYBE. its just wasn't a good weekend for a get together....

I wasn't hoping that everyone was going to show up and i know that it was only two week notice. I was hoping that more faces would show up instead of the normal 6-8 people that show up. I undersatand if you have kids and if you live in another city I am just surprised that people can never make it out. I have my fair share of things to do also my own family issues. It is just another excuse every month though why nobody but the same people come out. Also the less we show face in middle GA the more kids that have older and newer euro's go and trade them in b/c there is more rice burners meeting then us.

i was balls deep in my move.  or else i would have made it.  i need to get one of my OTHER dubs up and running to draw a lil attention to our club.  anyone got a welder and a cut off wheel.  and spray bomb?   now i have the new place i will be getting down to it as it where as soon as my garrage is put back to order. Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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