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the quest for nopi nationals in atl

the nopi nationals are in sept. we need to start gearing up for the event. that means getting cars lined up to rep the hoh's and gear for us to wear so we stand out as a group. so everyone knows that the hoh's have arived.

i will be taking one of my dubs just can't pick one yet. choices choices. money, money money.

when the meet gets closer there will be a gtg post for it along with a list of who's coming. since noone came this past year it would be cool if we could show in force this year and let the dirtydubs know they have a fellow club of dubs close by. i love you all and good day.
Getta Life

yeah, what he said! PDT_Aliboronz_31

speakin of which. think you could help me do that timing belt sometime next week/weekend? it's getting pretty scary

sure thing we can do the timing belt, just cleaned the garage out so we can use it for the nasty.

after the meet would be a good time to get that done!
Getta Life

How's about after the next meet, let me know when and I'm down.

ok timing belt done. back to nopi talk PDT_Aliboronz_20
Getta Life

WWoooooo hohohaoao

Time for some action BIIIIAAARARRCH!!!

Now I got to get the clutch done, (just realized when my turbo spools super fast it's not cause I'm a great tuner) right now I can't do anything over 4-5psi... PDT_Aliboronz_07

Then I'm officially in action! Body works in progress, if anybody needs help let me know! Only stipulation is that u GOT to represent at nopi, whether u get done or not. Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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