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Getta Life

The face only a dubber could love! My first bumper build up!

Well lets just start by stating that I got a great deal on a crappy bumper. As warned the thing continuously bottomed out and in a matter of hours was damaged enough that I was ready to trash it. Or...

Hack it up and make it work.
So after careful calculation, and a long ponder, I finally bought a can of bondo fiberglass gravy and some other stuff, and hacked the thing into about 10 pieces and am now putting my puzzle of a bumper back together.

What I'm trying to do is raise it in the front about 1 1/4" and open up the front openings 1 1/4" so that more of the inter cooler gets direct air.

My goal is to do all of this and still have a bumper that doesn't look like arse.

here's what it's going on.

and here is what the bumper looked like before:

Here is what Iv'e done so far:

That's how far i've gotten, I hope to finish this before new years because I'll be going back to work and not have time. The carnage look's pretty bad but I'm still optimistic. Just thought that this thread might help me get of my butt and finish it up.


Progress Pics!!!

While I was working my bug wanted to pretend it was a GTI...

Installed pics!!!! Lot of work but I think it's worth it now. Smilie_PDT

Getta Life

Sad cause it's raining so I cant test fit but it don't stop tha Boy BUMP.

New pics for those still interested.


Damn, that looks good in the pics! Any Bondo stuff I've attempted has always looked kinda "wavy" once I primed it...
Getta Life

no bondo, only fiberglass! PDT_Aliboronz_15

holy shit that looks way cool now. and you got the only one in the world mu hahahahah. PDT_Aliboronz_20
Getta Life

fxgolf wrote:
holy shit that looks way cool now. and you got the only one in the world mu hahahahah. PDT_Aliboronz_20

all apart of my plan pinky... Smilie_PDT

That shit looks Clean!! Nice job PDT_Aliboronz_04
Getta Life

thanks bro! cant wait to see it painted. speaking of paint!!! Forum Index -> H-o-H Technical
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