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Spotted and Hoed

i was at the Houston County Tag Office in Warner robins Thursday and spotted an A2 Gti in the parking lot I left a note on his w shield I spoke with him on Friday looks like we may hav a new member soon.
Getta Life


HOOORRRAAA? What's this Army shiat?!

I always thought that army stuff was HUUUUUUAAAAAAAA!! ... Hoo rah? c'mon Huan!


or HUA = Heard Understood Acknowledged... or something like that... PDT_Aliboronz_20


way to be proactive.  this is why we need biz cards for the club

I just got some for almost free  ...sorry... but they were almost free.  Nothing special, but have the important information on them until we get some with the logo on them.  I think I have 500 coming, so as soon as they get in (maybe two-three weeks), hit me up.  (somebody remind me)

Here's what they say:

Euro Import Club

All Euros Welcome!
VW, BMW, MB, etc.

No Fees, No Fuss, Just Fun

Meets every 1st Friday
 in Macon or Warner Robins

Find our when and where;

Cheesy I know... but now it's done.  The background mostly black with an offset Speedo, hey, it was free.  You can probably find it at

nice adam

Thanks to Juan for spotting the typo... I offered to take back my free cards, but he declined.  These are just throwaways, but hopefully will drum up some new members.  Since people are always moving in and out of Warner Robins, we'll probably have to keep doing it just for them to even know.  Post one up on your buletin board at work too. Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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