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Getta Life

So what the hell has neko been up to...

Kind of ticked, it rained all day today and I didn't get anything done. So instead, I finally got to up load all of the pics and make this thread.

So i've had a rough time keeping crackheads, dumb dumbs, and family members from backing into, side swiping and "hit and haulin assin'" my car. It's had a pretty rough life and I'm tired of it looking like crap.

special thanks to a LOT of people helping me put this thing together. I had a list of names in the thread I saved as a draft, but I have no idea how/where to pull it back up.

Parts installed:
custom fabbed boser
shaved doors
H&R hollow rear sway bar
techtonics 2.5" DP
custom 2.5" catback
k04 w/ neuspeed inlet
power gasket plus
225 inline fuel pump
380cc 225 injectors
custom fabbed FMIC
short ram intake
retrofited headlights
tt front brakes
front brake stiffening kit
stainless steal braided lines all around
slotted rotors
custom 9mm lock pins
18" hanabi's
tan leather oem recaro's
AEM wide band
boost gauge
custom molded dual A pillar pods
5 shot revolver shift nob
shortend shift rod
home made S/S shifter
all 3 VF monts
weitec coilovers
new coilpacks
battery relocated to the trunk, and a dry cell battery
grounding kit
fog light harness install
euro switch

I think that's it for this list

Waiting to be installed/completed parts:
turbonetics T3/T4 50 trim
t3 manifold (bottom mount)
ABD intake
Turbonetics boost controller
tial 38mm wastegate
HKS turbo timer
Turbo timer companion
3" t3 downpipe
3" custom fabbed catback
440cc injectors
custom front bumper
custom rear bumper
valve cover gaskets
head gaskets
scat rods
goetze piston rings
oil catch and vacuum manifold
drivers side and passenger front shaved doors
H&R front sway bar
TT control arm bushings
brake pads
TT short shifter
coilpack harness
aeb or ported awd head
VR or S4 TB
20th sides skirts by dubteknic
air suspension

shopping list:
oil lines outlet flange inlet restrictor.
sai block off plate
turbine seal
mani to turbo gasket
water meth
mani nuts
v band
software (unitronics)
TB adapter or drill and tap
injector adapters and spacers with bolts
5 bolt gasket
intercooler piping
valve springs
air suspension management

you can pretty much tell by the list what the plans are...

on with the pics!

the bumper after it's first completion

the doors

the sides

the front:

the lights

the car

the damage:

as it sits today:

the stuff:



about time you did something to your car. PDT_Aliboronz_20

Dare I say... welcome back!  Girls and working has kept you too busy, now get to what's really important!  PDT_Aliboronz_20
Getta Life

stuston wrote:
Dare I say... welcome back!  Girls, funerals, lack of funds, marks car and working has kept you too busy, now get to what's really important!  PDT_Aliboronz_20

there fixed it for ya! It's been a long time coming...

progress for the day.  PDT_Aliboronz_15

here's a digram of the cat back for anyone wanting to DIY
fairly easy, I'm going with 3" and resonated.

Happy it's coming together inspite of the crappy weather.
Just got done spraying the primer, the humidity is a pain!!!

Upates for the day:

Geting my sand on...

the last door to be shaved.

Primed, I forgot to take some pics befor of the body work.

and the nice gifts the brown emplings left me during my break.

I got a good bit done today and am happy with progress, wish I could have sprayed it earlier in the day but oh well.

Can't wait till it's all primed out. As of now it's 80% fish bowl. I'm trying to decide if I should tint it again or leave it 100% aquarium stylez. If I do tint it I think I'll go with 20% bronze...


<<<<< might be in macon this weekend

Sorry I've missed out on all the fun.

headed to neko's house - me and another mk3 vr6

call me we'll eventually go get somethin t oeat


Neko, please get larger injectors before slapping a t3/t4 on.....I'm speaking from experience on Paolo's past setup.
Getta Life

even if the software is written for that size?

What a you recomend 6's?
Getta Life

GOOD NEWS! The spray booth is on lock for now, so my goal is to finish all the body work by the end of January to mid Febuary.


looking forward to seeing her all painted up. Forum Index -> H-o-H Technical
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