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So what happened at my Hizzie?

Well, my weekend in ATL was pretty neat, lots of old friends I haven't kept in touch with since - oh, i dunno... I don't think I've ever been to a 400 person wedding reception so it was ... big... gargantuous, ginormous, lots of hawtness too... Brandon would be in asian heaven! HA HA HA

but enough about my day, what happened at Casa De Tan? I heard from several folk that ya'll were up and around till 5AM or something... Did you guys scare off the people who were to look at Felix's potential home? [smilie=pdt_aliboronz_14.gif] PDT_Aliboronz_15

I also hear that Brad's new turbo spanked a 13.2 sec civic Smilie_PDT Awesome man!

For those who care, I'm going to try to head up to ATL thursday evening because someone might be purchasing my autotech swaybar... unless someone down here would like to stiffen up their front end...

don't know about what time lil' brad worked till but i was there most of the day. no one showed up to look at the house on saturday from what i understand. it looks as though brandon di and i will be your neighbors soon. PDT_Aliboronz_20 hide the women foak! Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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