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raced a z3 tonight

was on my way to work when i saw a yuppie in a z3. you could tell by his driving that he thought he was better than me because of the car he drove. ahlas the bmw mindset. we came up to one red light on 247 no one else around (very important), i gave him some hope i only pulled off real slow and sandbaged the race. so at the next light he was all amped up. you could see the look on his face, he was snarling over the fact that a VW could out run his mighty bmw. so second race i let him have it. took off spinning the front tires an obsene amount. shifted to second looked over at him. i started to pull away, kept in the gas and continued to spin until almost 70mph. shifted to third and left the snob behind. after that he wouldn't even look at me. i see my VW as the great equalizer of yuppies. Smilie_PDT

YES!!!! Another one bites the dust.....

thats how we roll !!! nice

your crazy felix

awww yeah.. yowzers! Wish I could race something on the way home... :(

its all in the timing. working nights has its kickbacks. Smilie_PDT Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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