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Pull-A-Part Trip

Hey fellas, I want to make a trip up to Pull-A-Part South sometime soon.  

Save up and let me know who wants to go and when you're available.

Gonna need a front bumper and other misc for the jetta project. let me see if i can actually pay my taxes and i'll get back to you, lol

I dropped by there on Saturday.  They have a hand full of MKIIs, but they're mostly trashed for trim and such.  There was one MKIII 2.0 GTI that was mostly complete, aside from the front clip.  Lots of Benzes, and a good number of BMWs.  I even saw one B4 Passat wagon.

In general, I'd say the cars were in worse condition than the North ATL loaction, but there were more euros at the South.

damn a passat wagon you say. PDT_Aliboronz_01

having a do an emergency trip up this weekend. we (really Naqua) totally destroyed that dash, lol. anyone who wants to come is welcome.

forgot to add, going to east and then probably to north. east has a gti i wanna look at.

I won't be able to go this weekend, wish I could.  I might be able to catch up with you guys for lunch or something. Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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