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Pinky's new thread!

Figured I'd make an ongoing thread about pinky to keep everyone informed! I'll start from the most recent breakdown!

Well, at work, she decided not to start up! Ugh! I was getting ready to move so I just waited for us to get into the new place and then had her towed there. On the way, gas went all over the bed of the truck! Booooo!!! So I know (really just assumed) I had a fuel problem of some sort. Duh right?

Well, after taking the intake apart and pouring, like pools and streams, of gas from all the tubing and hoses, including to and fro the ICV and air intake, I decided to start by replacing the FPR. That worked! ...for about 2 seconds. A split second of life and she died again. Trying to get her started, I noticed the smell of gas, fearing the worst (again) I checked the engine bay for more leaks, but they weren't there. Turns out a small leak by the filter turned into a big one and no fuel was getting the engine. Replaced the filter and line and got her up. Although, the exhaust kinda looked like this when I cut her off....

BAD BAD BAD! Well, turns out that there was a heap ton of gas in my oil!

Well, drained all 11 or so quarts of that crap. And by crap I mean good (well once good) Valvoline VR1 and some premium gas! :( Flushed the oil system with heaps of oil and new filters and tried again. And alas! I was out of gas! :( Also, the only gas tank I had wouldn't reach into the filler hole! Yay! So, to WalMart I went (at like 9 at night) and picked up a funnel and some more gas! At that point is where the story ends for now! She still don't work!

Guys at Oreilly do believe I most likely fouled the new filter I just put on there so I must replace it and see what happens! A job for another day though. I am too tired to work tonight so that is why I am only typing about working!


man sorry about the run of bad luck with pinky.  i hope you get it figured out soon.  i am fresh out of ideas.  and with the luck you mk2 guys are having im glad im a mk1 and passat guy  PDT_Aliboronz_11

yeah, gl with the mk1s and passats! going to try to pick up an ECU from a guy up here in easton for about 20 bucks just to see if that's the issue. I doubt it, but for 20 bucks I'll give it a shot, lol

just figured i'd give an update on recent activity!

the ecu got her back up and running!!!! yay!!!

...then the axle kinda gave out...BOOOOO!!

...replaced the axle, she runs again!!! there is a puddle of coolant under her! BOOOO!!!!!

that's about it so far. BTW, that all happened over the course of a week or so, lol


been a while since i updated the thread. what better time than now!?

so, been doing some cosmetic work to her. the coolant problem disappeared. (wtf>??) so the front bumper and lip is replaced and repainted same with the back. Except the back now has a big bumper.

also, put on some sport springs and of course got her an alignment. put a decent drop on it. you can see it pretty good in the above pic. i basically plan to demo the stock suspension and then buy a set of coilovers.

she is making a little more noise that I have to look into, but she's running strong. her and bella took on the dragon last weekend!

i'll bring her to the next meet and you all can give me your two cents on what the damn noise is. had an identical noise with the old engine. maybe time for a VRT project?? lol naw, TDI with big turbo, lol


nice to see it all working out PDT_Aliboronz_01

So, more her dynoed be the vidz and picz to provez it!

She has an amazing power-band and is totally going to be an amazing engine to build on..third pull she had 100.7HP and right at 104ft/lb of torque. I was also told to add a 13% diff to it to accommodate for whatever, lol

so did you get the trophy? Forum Index -> H-o-H Technical
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