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OMG it's a last minute invite to the HoH!

Maki has been loving enough to throw a little GTG for my 30th b-day!

So all you HoHs!! I'm extending the invite to all my crew Smilie_PDT

Where: CASA DE TAN (1028 Walnut St. Macon, GA 31201)
When: Saturday, January 6, 2007
Why: Celebrate Mark's 30th Birthday
Time: 4PM-ish to whenever Smilie_PDT

Food: First come/First serve, until it's gone.
depending on the weather, the grill might be open.

so if you got something to cook, bring it! ... and alcohol presence might be minimal so if any of ya'll would like to chip in, I won't stop ya!

post up for RSVP! I'm also sending this in a mass e-mail. Hope to see you guys soon! ...

hey man i would love to show up, but i'm over here in damn iraq....but anyway happy birthday

Same here... but not the desert..... i'm stuck in TX.... damnnit.... i always miss the good stuff....

Have a kick ass birthday Mark!!! I'll see you along with everyone else when I get paroled...

well i am in the desert...Qatar aka i hate this fuckin place PDT_Aliboronz_12 i know iraq is worse but i just dont want to be here. Damn your getting OLD hahahahaa
Getta Life

Im down like gravity yo.

werd!, I can't wait to meet up! ...
Getta Life

Yo I'm down like.... Like...
Like the count B.
Getta Life

Yo, I'm down like computaz that aint y2k compliant sun...

fresh. Smilie_PDT

down like a fat guy doing pushups

i will not be there as I have to work this you all have fun

NUTS!!!... Brad, if you get out soon holla back!

I forgot to thank everyone who came and how much it meant to me to have my buds to hang out with... felt nice PDT_Aliboronz_15

Thank you guys for the presents too... the presence was more wanted... but the presents made it better ;)

I got pics that I gotta pull off of maki's camera, but nothing crazy Smilie_PDT Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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