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Oh Travis...........

Time to scrap that project of yours..... I found your new Dub.,1

sweet fuckin ride, just let me go out to my money tree and pick off the benjermans PDT_Aliboronz_15

That cat has a lot of blood, sweat, tears, time, and $$ invested in that thing!!! SHIT!!!

mine or his?

Total horse power is estimated at slightly over 400hp and was dynoed at 359 HP to the front wheels. With an additional $3000.00 this car can be upgraded to 450 FWHP utilizing EIP Tuning's Stage 2 upgrade conversion.

How does slightly over 400hp equate to only 359fwhp......i call BS PDT_Aliboronz_20
only thing that hunk of junk has that makes the car appealing is the 4 motion drivetrain

when the fuck is EIP goin get an awd dyno

now put a 1.8t in that thing and we can talk. PDT_Aliboronz_15 oh and take out all of the interior crap that weighs so much. Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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