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October Meet - 2nd Annual GA Euro Meet

New Plan, see below.
Original Post:
You have until September 24th to vote:
Friday, October 2nd, 7pm OR Saturday October 3rd, 2pm ?
We'll go from there.  Post your thoughts.

2nd Annual GA Euro Meet

Quote from above link;
It's that time again.
After getting 20+ cars with only 3 weeks notice last year, I am getting the word out on this one early.
We here at the Athens VW Club, Water Cooled Division came up with this GTG for all of the middle and southern Georgia Dubbers who may not have enough people to make their own "club".
This is for all the VW Nuts in Macon, Athens, Augusta, Albany, Savannah, Columbus, Valdosta, Americus, Statesboro, Brunswick, Fort Benning, Fort Gordon, Fort Stewart and everywhere in between to get together, hang out, look at some Dubs and break some bread. (NFL, wings, burgers and beer are also included)  


Same as last year. Cruise your way to Macon and meet us at the Jock's & Jill's.

4680 Sheraton Drive
Macon, GA 31210

Mapquest or Google it from wherever you are coming from.

They have pictures from last year's festivities on their Facebook page.
If you have some pics from last year, post them here and also e-mail them to update their page:

It is nothing but a thing to do, so mark your calenders and make your plans to come on out and represent your community, no matter where it is. Even if you are in Alabama, the Carolinas, Florida, etc, join us for this extravaganza.

Really looking forward to it.


P.S. If you have an Audi, you can come too.  


im down hopefully i can have the wagon up and running by then.

Yeah. I'm heading up there. Been talking with the guys from Athens about doing this for a couple of months now.

Now the big question...
dun dun DUN!

"Will the Eminator show??"

cealer wrote:
Yeah. I'm heading up there. Been talking with the guys from Athens about doing this for a couple of months now.

How come no one wants to talk to us about it?   PDT_Aliboronz_07

ummmmm...idk? lol They were talking about how they wanted to have another one and to expect it in October. Sure beats the hell out of driving two hours to is a nice drive though!


I expect to see EVERYONE there, even if you have to drive your little sister's pink civic.
Put up or shut up!

my little sister drives a charcoal gray mk2 golf...  Smilie_PDT

Great meet today!!  Great to have met all of you!

Yeah, good meet, I counted 14 or 15 dubs and around 25 people.

Aside from a few needing a wipe down, every dub out there was outstanding and unique.  Glad to see that not everyone is in a MKIV.

Thanks to Mavrick for getting the ball rolling on this one.  And you have one sweet MKII.

I hope we can make more of a show of it next time. maybe do some judging.  Maybe we can do another one in the spring.

yes it was a nice turn out.  soon as i get the caddy swapped to diesel i want to start making rounds to the other GTG's around the area.  to get the word out to the peeps so to speak.

tucker doesnt need a wipe down... he is amazing as is.

I'm sure Tucker wouldn't mind a wipe down... and up... and down.....  hehehe ;)

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