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New Pics of the freshly updated VDUB!!!!!

Just changed around my car a bit, took off the Carbon Fiber hood, and changed the wheels.  Let me know what yall think, Good opinions or bad, lets hear it.

What it looked like before:

And Now:


Looks kinda plain, but less boy-racer.  I just like dark wheels though.

Yeah i rocked the dark wheels for a while, but I just like mixing it up.  I want to get some r32 bumpers and side skirts so it will lower it a little more.

nice and simple. i like the new wheels a lil better.  the color was ok on the dark ones just seemed like too many spokes.  it would look sick with R32 bumpers and sideskirts.
Getta Life

nice and clean. the complete oposite of my car...  PDT_Aliboronz_20

What's the plans for the carbon fiber hood?

Trying to sell it right now.  Its sitting in my garage.  Its a VIS racing and I paid 575 for it plus shipping.  Trying to get 450 obo, negotiable.  Only had the hood about 8-10 months.

Yeah FXgolf, i agree, those old wheels were too many spokes.  I like some dark wheels, i personally wasnt a fan of those though.  But they were on the car when i bought it.  This is more my style now.  Nice and clean. Forum Index -> H-o-H Rides
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