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New issues with the Galactic Whistla - surprise surprise :?

well... turns out that all our welding work didn't do all that great... every weld on the pipe has some sort of leak :oops: - some folks at ansa offered a solution about 2 saturdays from now so that's where I will be on the first Saturday of next should be all good though Smilie_PDT

I definitely need to replace my axles very sooner than later...
My pressure plate is still holding up for street racing... It's just once on track, It just slips and slips... so confused, unless I was spinning something else?!...

my clutch pressure plate is next on the list

o2 sensors need replacing also

I'm throwing System Signal too low CELS and I think I'll barely make 240 miles with this tank of gas :(

so... thinking of the next meet, we can meet up and do Neko's timing belt on his 1.8t, I can jump under my car and replace the primary o2 sensor, and possibly get my Brand new hood painted! Gotta find good place to get paint...

i know a guy who paints but i think hes on leave, he also knows a guy who can do polshing for cheap... Smilie_PDT
how r ur axles bad? is that the noise u hear?
Getta Life

let me know if you find a good paint source.

I test fitted my bumper thursday... can't wait to get it on. What are you going to do with your bumper once you swap out? by the way you may as well get it sprayed too.


If I can get a spray gun then it'll all be good... brandon and felix have offered solutions and it requires the purchase of paint Smilie_PDT and creating a plastic wall in my garage Smilie_PDT

well mark you are part chinese so the wall should be no prob. Smilie_PDT let me know what kind of gun and we can all go in on one. Forum Index -> H-o-H Technical
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