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Need to get engine swap done

Gotta get the the 16v out of the cabby and into the gti. but can not have the car down for more than 1 weekend. Any volunteers?... I'll supply the beer.

you know this hoh is always up for anything... PDT_Aliboronz_09

all right anymore takers!! cmon we can grill talk shiite c'mon guys

why's it coming out?

I have to thin out the herd. Pulling the 1.8 8v dropping in the 2.0 16v, need to pull apart the two cabbies and make room for the diesel thats coming in 3 weeks. Do ya feel me??!! Now whos with me?

Aww c'mon Hohs wheres the love. I figure i need two stout men and three comely lasses of virtue true. Need to complete swap over a weekend c,mon I will cook!!

Man! I wish I could swing down and help you out, but my weekends are hella booked! hmm... felix is gone till the end of the month, I don't know what da hell Juan's doing recently (LOL), travis is doing wedding/family planning (and is still looking for a mustang to play with?!)

dunno... I feel bad about the conflicting time schedules... my time frees up only slightly after mid July! PDT_Aliboronz_05
Getta Life

is this done yet?

I missed this one but if you still need help the number is:
$&*-#!*-(@^% hit me up

i am in Boston right now when I get get back that is going to be tops on the list. My Diesel is a Bucket!! You'll get to see at first Friday PDT_Aliboronz_08 I am driving back Tuesday night. Forum Index -> H-o-H Technical
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