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My engine swap project

So, first off, let me tell you all what my current situation is.

I have my 89 coupe that desparately needs a clutch. I also have an engine from an 86 golf that needs a clutch. Cool thing is the one from the GTI is bored out and all that jazz. SO, planning on doing the swap and putting in a new clutch at the same time.

The engine I'm putting in is CIS, so I have to bring over the intake mani and injectors. Of course I also have to do a clutch. And, while I'm at it, I'm doing a timing belt.

So, my question is, has anyone here done anything like this before and, if not, who's up for some learning?

I have now done my clutch twice (EuroSpec LW FW, Sach 16v clutch, and all the normal wear and tear parts without a full overhaul), and almost donw with my 8v rebuild.  I should be able to help some.  If you wan tot come by next weekend and help me getting my engine back in, I could give you a fe tips.

do you have a Bentley?  if not is say get one or another book of the like.  it is pretty straight forward as far as everything goes.  just watch the torque specs on the flywheel and pressure plate.
it has been many moons sinse i did a old school clutch, but i can do a MK4 with my eyes closed  PDT_Aliboronz_01 .  stuston (aka Adam) has some good XP with this.  if you need any help when it comes down to it let us know when and where.  i will try to help out as much and the wife and kids will allow.  good luck and God bless. PDT_Aliboronz_11

How about a mk4 tiptronic clutch? Ill be needing me one of those soon too!

Appreciate the support btw. Sounds like fun for the weekend. I am hoping that you mean this coming weekend and not the one after. I'll be up in ATL then. Let me know when exactly your planning on working on it and I'll most certainly try to get up there and give you a hand.


This weekend.  Check back here on Friday afternoon, I'll have something posted up if I'm going to do it.... depends on if I get my exhaust welded up by then so it can all go in together.

any word on whether we're on for tomorrow?

cealer wrote:
any word on whether we're on for tomorrow?

No go... I haven't gotten anything done with the exhaust.

What where you needing help with?

well, i guess my most current situational question is whether or not I can just use CIS in the Jetta. It's going to be a big pain for me to get the other intake manifold ported to match the new engine. So, I guess I'm curious which would be the easier to do. Covert everything to DIGI or to CIS?

BTW, ordered all the parts I should be needing. Will be in Wednesday. If only I had a place to work other than my storage unit. ....I want to shoot myself working over there! :( Forum Index -> H-o-H Technical
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