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My '05 GLI and '89 Jetta

Hey guys! New to the group here. Nice to see some local vdubs! Figured a good intro would be to introduce you all to my rides!

The '05 GLI

The '89 Jetta....a work in progress


What do you wnat for the Jetta?

well, the main thing that comes to mind for the jetta is a big bumper for the rear. I also have a performance engine that needs a clutch that I want to drop in there as well. Other than, fixing the brakes tonight. So, nothing I can think of at the moment. You have a good hookup for parts around here?

I meant I want to buy it, how much $?  ;)

I get my parts mostly from and O'reiley.

As much as I'd like to sell it, I don't want to sell it, lol. It's a piece of vdub history. Made in W. Berlin you know. Smilie_PDT Talk to me before I move and I might just change my mind though ;) I went to do the brakes today though and noticed they only gave me three shoes in the box! "grrrr", i said. Have to go back to Oreilly tomorrow and get it replaced i suppose.

No, I didn't realize that.  I just know that I need to replace my MKII, and I'd love to get my hands on a coupe.  Maybe by the time you move I can afford it.

welcome aboard PDT_Aliboronz_20


if you plan on selling that mk4, would you consider taking off the gli front/back/side lips? and going with a stock look?   I got a 2003 gls in need of that glip package Smilie_PDT I'll trade stock + cash... but only if you selling car to the general public Smilie_PDT

These three right here are from a photo shoot me and my friend did one night. Show off the new grill some!

This is the ultra uber-shiney coupe!

EDIT: Just wanted to add...

If anyone wants to do a photo shoot please ask!!!! I know I aint the best photographer in the world but I love taking pictures!!! Got me a fancy Canon Rebel XSI to take some pics with!

Got the bugs worked out on that coupe yet?

negative. replacing the fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator tomorrow. luckily enough oreilly by my office has them both in stock. no fuel coming through the return line and it's flooding still. so, we'll see how it goes after the "repairs".


Kinda sounds like what mine has been doing, but I hadn't thought to check the return line yet. Forum Index -> H-o-H Rides
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