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MK 4 Front Speakers.....

kk so i was under the assumption that the front two speakers were.... well speakers, when i started looking through installation guides a lot of them show subs on the front right door...

i went through several stereo specialists, they all said they were both speakers, and that they were 6 1/2" so i buy sum kenwoods....

go to install it and wtf, SUBS!!!

but main question is can i just put the speaker in its place? cause bass sucks donkey dong anyways


I don't know MkIV's but shouldn't be too hard.  Pull out the sub and see what's there, hopefully the speaker wiring is already there.

What size is the opening when you remove the sub?
Getta Life

HAA HAAAAAAAAA! Somebody put sandwiches in your door.  PDT_Aliboronz_15

But seriously, if there are subs (ie anything biger than 6 1/2 inch) speakers in your door then your probably going to have to replace the metal panel under the door card. If those are factory speakers then those my friend are far from subs and to install your aftermarket speakers, you'll have th drill out the rivets holding them to piece of plastic that is attatched to the metal panal under the actual door card.

Make sense? probably not, but if you have taken it apart you'll see what I'm talking about.

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