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Getta Life

Maintenance GTG

I'm doing my timing belt pretty soon, and I know that there was at least 1 other 1.8t that need to do this as well. How do you guys feel about having GTG to get our dubs up to snuff, spark plugs, timing belts oil changes, and any other particular job that you've been itchin to get done.

Ya know.... rumor has it that the NB is famous for the timing belt snapping at 75k. I've got 61 on mine, and I had thought about doing this as a precautionary measure. But I hear that the kit is something like $400 bucks total. Don't have the cash for that right now, however, I do have a chip that needs to be installed. I'd be up for help, don't don't look to this technically challanged person for advice.

Hell for that matter, if we pull the jeep outta Brad's Taj-ma workshop, we could roll an assembly line with mods...
Getta Life

not much interest? Well, soon I will just coordinate something and who ever needs something done can post or just show up. But if you don't post it will be a git in where you fit in typ deal.

i got a little coolant leak on oscar i could fix. and ill help with anything you need. i love to rub up on other cars. PDT_Aliboronz_11 Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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