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JULY MEET -- 4th of July Potluck BBQ

July 4th BBQ @ ***7pm***

Map to Location

Potluck: Everyone bring a desert or side item, ready to eat or warm up.  Otherwise bring $3 and I'll take care of it.  BYOB.

I will be cooking out rotisserie chicken and burgers.  If you want something else (steak), please bring it along and show up early.  (I'd prefer not to do fish or ribs)  I will start grilling around ***6pm***, or as soon as the chicken is done.  Eats should be by ***7 pm***.

RSVP: Post here, or email me at awofford79 <at> bellsouth <dot> NET so I know how much stuff to get.  Include how many are comin', and what side you're makin'.

Any objections to making this later, maybe 7pm?

Oh... and bring a folding chair or one of those camp chairs.

7 sounds good to me.

im skeptical about going by myself. I dont know you peeps ya know............................ and im not really sure what i have planned for the 4th.

me and the wife and lil Di are coming and im  bringing brauts (sp) of course i am it is me  PDT_Aliboronz_20   give me a call adam and let me know if there is anything else you would need me to bring.  

emi  you should so come.  i assure you we are all very safe.  most of us are mil, gov contractors, cops, and harmless retards.   PDT_Aliboronz_09

...most of us are... well, pick any two.

If someone could bring about 3 bags of ice, or two of the big bags.  There's one of those ice vending drive up things near me, on Houston Ave., across from Hartley Bridge.

A folding table of some sort would be good too.

looks like im not going to make it. Im going to atlanta for a fellow dubbers birthday... I start working in WR full time on the 20, so im sure ill end up at some gtgs. :/ sorry.

Too bad, I guess we'll have to catch you next time then.

I'll be coming solo just to do a greet and have a beer... not much else though. SAMS run thursday! give me a holla after you get off work.

I am not going out of town for the 4th so i wont be able to make it.  But yall have fun, drink a beer for me.

So it's Mark and the Thorns... who else is coming?

Wish I could.

As I found out yesterday, my wife has me planned out for the whole day =( Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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