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Jenn's New '99 TDI, Bella

So, we got a new TDI for Jenn a few weeks ago, most of you have already seen it, but consider this your formal introduction! LOL Jenn has decided on a name, Bella, in case you couldn't tell by the title. God have mercy on your soul if you don't like it and voice your opinion on it like I foolishly did :(. The first couple of pics I took with my iPhone, the rest are all with my Rebel, but those were all after I did stuff to it.

Swapped out the wheels from the GLI. Put New Beetle wheels on the GLI. The tires that came on that thing made an atrocious noise. Popped the GLI badge off the Kamei grille and through that on there too.

Also, picked up some tail lights up at PAP. Tried some experimental tinting on there. Didn't turn out too bad I thought. Looks pretty sweet if you ask me.

A good comparison of the tint and non-tinted.

Crappy night pic of the running lights

And the dead sexy completed pictures.


looking good now lower it.  PDT_Aliboronz_19

dood, ik right. need that exhaust and chip though... rather spend the monies on that! ...or lowering...those RCs need a closer knit home, lol

I'm still coveting, but since Hellina is running now, it makes it harder to cheat.  Still, keep an eye out for another deal like that for me... I'll pay a finders fee for a good TDI. Forum Index -> H-o-H Rides
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