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January Meet

January Meet should be this Friday, but I would like to wait a week to the 11th.  War Town's turn, sombody post suggestions... I think somone mentioned Sonic.

I'm gonna opt for my b-day bash on saturday Smilie_PDT go to Moon's Cafe for some korean eating and some drinking and some karaoke! Hee hee hee... saturday might be spent doing maintenance on Tom's car should he come down to play some redneck games. I also will probably do my tranny if uncle felix or whoever has more mus-kels than myself to drop it so I can check the clutch and find an oil leak that I've been having ever since it's been put together.

Saturday is good.  Need to do my tranny too, but that can be later.  Maybe we should have a shop meet at your house?

I'm down for Sat, I'll be the cheap labor, since I am  Mexican and all.... PDT_Aliboronz_15 Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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