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honda vs mustang gt

driving down russell twards lake joy and some white gt flys pass me then at the russell and lake joy intersection some ghey ass honda w/ wing and a gt...well light turns green and off they, gt goes, tire squeal from the honda like a little bitch but he tried his hardest to get to 30 mph hahahaha then like 5 - 8 secs later i look out, cuz there is a van infront of me, and the gt like retardly crapped all over the honda i coulnt help but laugh....the gt was like 6 -8 cars ahead. just thought it would belong in the hiumor sexion. PDT_Aliboronz_09

its not funny its a disease. honda guys cant help their cars are slow and mustang guys have to deal with a small penis. PDT_Aliboronz_19 Forum Index -> H-o-H Humor
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