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Help, Need a good body shop

Need advise on where to take my car to get it fixed.  Had a little accident at the house and f'd up my drivers door pretty bad.

The best place in town in my opinion is Trooper's collision center, your car will be perfect afterwards.  But if you are looking to get something done right, but on the cheap side.  I have a friend that does body work on the side.  He does a good job too.

ive used percision up in macon they did a good job on the gti re working the hood and painting the bumper and hood.

I always hear that Harrison's in Macon is the best, but I have yet to use them.  I have been there twice for insurance claims and they seem to know what they're doing.

I have used harrisons and Troopers in Macon, they are about a mile from one another, I would say they are both equal, but i have always had good service from Troopers, and he is one of my family friends, thats why i like him.


Got it out of the shop Friday,  the insurance company wanted me to use RCI,  they did a great job.  Now its time to play again.

i have seen RCI do great work and also i have seen them do absolute shit for work on a car.  my buddy got his bike resprayed there and it look super nice.  and Trav got his gti fixed there and it looked like a super turd.  i mean it looked worse than a kid in his backyard with a spray bomb. Forum Index -> H-o-H Help
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