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Help name my shop

I am the early stages of opening a euro shop here in warner robins and need some help.  any ideas would be great

Name for shop?


built autosports
wtf autohaus
das auto
euro tuned

Possible locations?

Logo design help/ideas?

cool! I hope it better than imports only Smilie_PDT

you need a name, if you're into primarily tuning euros and gearing towards a younger market, then the WTFs and whatnot are good... but if you want a broader range of age groups to take interest in your shop, then you might something more professional.

ETC - European Tuning Clinic  PDT_Aliboronz_15

Where is your shop going to be located?

and you're right, nothing sounds better than a vr6 Smilie_PDT

German Auto Engineering

European Tuned Performance

Euro Perfromance Tuning

DIG - Das Is Goot Tuning Smilie_PDT

German Auto Engineering - GAE?  I guess it works... if you're only wanting to work on Bettles and Cabrios (no offense  PDT_Aliboronz_20 )

I like ETC.  Maybe with "Tuner"

DIG is goot too, ya, but it should be DIG'T, no?  Diggit?

WTBF -- When The Bentley Fails
TSST -- Triple-Square Star Tuners
EH2.S -- Everybody Hates a 2.Slow
WHMIP -- We Have MKI Parts
GSDE -- Germans Shouldn't Do Electical
ET -- Euro Tuners
FIEP -- Forced Induction Euro Performance
.. ok, I'm reaching.

Can I get a discount for this?
Getta Life

the names I came up with suck but I'm still pondering... But as for logo design and the website, I can take care of you on that. Send me a shout if you'd like to discuss.

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