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HELP 99 Passa will no start

I turn the key and get nothing. Started car at 6am it was 30 degrees out I let it run for a couple of minutes. came out at 7:30 to go to work the car turned over a couple of times about 10 -15 seconds the engine would spin try to start but would not. The last attempt, the engine turned a little slow then nothing. tried i again it clicked. jumped batter but nothing. Now I am getting nothing. No click nothing. any ideas?

Mine sometimes gets vapor lock, but I removed the fuel vapor canister from the system.  

Other than that, I'll go with the old standbys; bad battery (or alternator), fuel pump, fuse, bad ground, starter.

If it is nothing at all not click or anything, I would say bad ground.  If it is the ground when you put the key in and turn it sometime you will get nothing, no lights, nothing, then sometime it may work.  It happened to my jetta while i was driving, just shut off and got nothing.

i would say old battery with the cold killed it.  i will hit you up during the day mike and see if you got it maybe i can swing by for a few and take a look.

Well chased it down finally.  Ignition switch and starter will fill in more details later on... thanks for all the suggestions, this kicked my ass!! Does anyone have a VAG-COM  that can they can lend me or scan for me?

at last knowledge.  Mark and Chris had a Vaggie

I think this may be my last Dub for a while... Jeez!!

you need a dose of MK2 again.  PDT_Aliboronz_01

Nah jumping into the fire looking for a Benz diesel of course Forum Index -> H-o-H Technical
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