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Found this place through VW Vortex -- wanted to say "hello" rather than just lurk!

Here's my girl:

She's a '95, and I loved her right into the ground; been sitting there since summer waiting for me to scrape together the $ for dealing with a blown head gasket and new tires and brakes. Can't even roll her back into the garage -- it's full of my soon-to-be-ex's stuff. "Soon" being down to a month or two, finally. Time to start planning a rebirth for the ol' Gray Ghost!

I've used Precision (over behind Best Buy, etc.) for engine work in the past. They'll do the bits that make it go and stop, since I can't swing a wrench to save my life. (Unless someone has a better suggestion, that is. I like 'em, but for once I'd like to do this right.)

Doors I think I can tackle, so once the garage is free it'll be time to get some windows working reliably! One of the backs just doesn't work, the front pass squeaks something horrible, and the sunroof only slides, not tilt. Y'know, typical Passat stuff. (Heeelllo Bentley. And Vortex "DIY" searches. And, probably, "HELP!" posts... Smilie_PDT )

Oh, and some of the speakers cut out. Time to chase that gremlin down.

Lots else on the wish list, from 6-spoke Audi wheels and less of a 4x4 look to a leather swap one of these days.

First, gotta meet everyone. When's the Feb GTG? I'd like to bring my camera along, if it's okay....

Welcome aboard mos of us have at least one down Dub right now. Felix will post next months meet in the next few days. Again Welcome!!

welcome welcome you should get it running first then work on the beauity. I have no idea when the feb gtg is since im 7500 miles away. And no sorry no camera PDT_Aliboronz_07 j/k

deeznutz wrote:
im 7500 miles away.

Changing soon, I understand. So "welcome" works for you, too -- welcome back, that is...!

Agreed on getting her running first. Miss her terribly!

no, im deployed to the desert.......

deeznutz wrote:
no, im deployed to the desert.......


Sorry, read that you were heading back on Super Bowl Sunday. Shame it isn't "really" back!!
Getta Life

Good day ol chap! Looking forward to seeing u at the next meet!!! PDT_Aliboronz_15

welcome!!!!!!!! always good to see new dubbers on here!!!!!!!!!!! PDT_Aliboronz_15 PDT_Aliboronz_15

hello there.

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