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Headlight and Taillight tint

Does anyone know of a place I can get my headlight and taillights tinted at?

I don't know of any shop, but local autoparts stores have started carrying VHT Nightshades - spray-on tint.  It's about $12 a can.

the guy at the O'Riley's on russell does it on the side.  can't remember his name but he uses VHT night shades.  his process is sand the lense with 600 grit, clean it real well, spray on VHT, wait i think it is 5 mins then wipe it off the lense with a rag soaked in brake cleaner.  this way it doesn't make your lights so dark and it only leaves behind the VHT that soaks into the plastic.  they look just like a aftermarket lense not one that you just painted black with VHT.  the i believe he clear coats it and then wet sand and buff the clear.  but it has been awhile since i talked to him.

Hey guys,  I found a guy that does great work.  2 hours and $160 later I got my tail lights, fog lights, and mirror blinks tinited.  He sanded them down and the black clear coated them.  He also does all kinds of body work and touch up painting.  Plus he refinshed 2 of my wheels for $80.  Can't believe the price.  They look new.  His name is Chris, Owner of L4 Auto.  478-284-5612.  He does it as a traveling service.

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