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GTG: May 15 or 16?

Well, our GTG turned out extremely well last Saturday!

now it's almost Mother's Day Weekend (sounds wierd to have a day and weekend be the same thing :? ) and we need to meet up before Thursday - Our beloved travis is going to the desert, so bring all your water guns and make sure he's got enough Euro HoH to last till he returns!

anyway... Backyard Burgers in Warner Robins in front of the old Walmart off of Watson Blvd.

anyway... you guys got till sunday before we choose which day it will be.

is this going to be @ night or during the day? because i have to work from 0600 - 1430 Smilie_PDT

lets do monday cuz i have it off.... Smilie_PDT

well, it's sunday night and no one has decided to post up ... so monday at 6:30? will that work for everyone? Backyard Burgers... you've been told!

I'd be good for that.... how's everyone else feel about it?

i'm down wid that, i'll be there hope everyone shows!!

ill mosy my way down

good times good times. but travis isn't leaving :shock: good my monkey needs the loving. :twisted: Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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