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GTG at turbo's house..( AKA..Brad's) help get the car going

Well, Through some difficult choices this past week, I have been forced to realize the reality of my situation.. The Porsche will not be done until next spring. I can not rush it...and that was exactly what i was doing.... So a change of plans... This Sat and Sunday.... I am gong to be putting a motor and trans in the Rocco... and getting it back on the road... It would be nice to have some help...shouldnrt take too long. And for those of you who know how I am... You will not get greasy doing this... the motor is clean enough to eat off of!!!

So, sound off and let me know what day is best for everyone.. I will be out in the shop both days.... Brad

Well, i have had like 9 folks look at this post....but yet no love from anyone????? Felix....we need yo back here... !!!!!

Well, if any of you want to drop on by this weekend.. Today i will be powdercoating and cleaning up the engine compartment...and it looks like tomorrow, the motor goes in the car...and the fridge is full of BEER!!!!!

Mark is out of town, and I've got my dash laying all over his garage. Looks like it will be all I can do to get his parking space clear by the time he gets back! Otherwise I would be there man! Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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