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GTG at EuroHoHCentral

Not VW Central as some of us have mistaken...

Maki will be going to Atlanta for a baby shower... I'll be at the hizzie changing my tranny fluid and looking for metal flakes. Juan needs to install his camber Adj kit. Anyone for a gathering? 2 days notice Smilie_PDT

it will be at walnut st.

Travis, please bring the Vag-Com or if you can't come give it to Juan so he can bring it up... I need it.

Brad, I need to start working on my hood... so I might need to get some help to pick up the stuff!

Lester, or Brandon - whoever has Helga right now... I need to get that grill installed sooner than later, so what better time to do it than this weekend Smilie_PDT

the gathering will start maybe for lunch, whatcha all think?

if i can get my wires hooked back up it might be able to run.....if not then ill stop by PDT_Aliboronz_07

I really dig the sig pic Smilie_PDT - Final Fantasy VII was the first shot... PDT_Aliboronz_15

ok, What day will this be on???? Saturday?? if it is Saturday, I can make it. mark, I will be in Florida tomorrow, as i am running all of my Porsche motor stuff down to the race shop to get the machining done on..... anytime on Saturday you are more than welcome to come over and pick up your parts...Brad

how much does it cost for machining? what are you getting done?

I'm asking because maybe I can get my VR6 worked on? Smilie_PDT

Yes, not to be confused with VW Central.... although they have a good parts selection to the rear.PDT_Aliboronz_06

I've got Helga... and the deal with the Beetle is that I should know something this afternoon sometime. The issue that they are having is with the head unit aftermarket adapter and the fact that's it's grounding out the K line. So in return, they can't hook up the vag com or whatever they use for diag stuff. Hopefully I'll have the thing back this afternoon. More to come.

If not, for whatever reason, Brandon I'll swing by and pick ya up, then you can drop me off at the apartment, and I'll find a ride into work tomrrow morning. No worries.

maybe I am still loopuy from all of the pain one answered my question....was this GTG today or is it tomorrow?????
Getta Life

think its saturday.

Getta Life wrote:
think its saturday.

yep... maybe we can meet up for lunch either grill out or zaxby's ... come on by tomorrow Smilie_PDT

oh yeah... festivities will end around 6-7PM because I will be attending one ofmy co-workers b-day parties... so get here sometime when the sun is up Smilie_PDT and before 6 Smilie_PDT

sounds good to me i'll be there!! and i will take care of the grill mark. lol PDT_Aliboronz_15

i was there for some of it. it was good. i had to sleep so i could go to work. Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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