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GTG: at Casa Da Turbobrat..AKA(brad a-1)today...06/04/06 sun

Hey guys and gals. The wife is out of town and I have the day off. I was thinking about 1pm ish??
Bring swim gear and towels... One of us will make a run to the base for the class six to pick up some drinks. If anyone needs to work on their cars..let me know....we can accomadate you.

heh - werd!

I guess I'd like to do some minor suspension tweaking... some polyeurathane bumpstops - gotta loosen and realign my FSB - that's about it... If Neko can get his stuff together, then maybe we all can help him do his timing belt or something...

Niko needs an exhaust modification done.

what else?

but what tools will I need to bring?

and when is my garage gonna get clean? some of you guys have some tools and wheels and stuff still here... needs to get picked up Smilie_PDT

I have all of the common tools, sockets, wrenches, need to bring any special tools that we need to complete the job...see ya in a few...B

i'll be there as well!! Smilie_PDT

was a great time brad really enjoyed myself, and thanks for the fuse.

Next time i'll bring the shorts and a volleyball net......
Getta Life

Sweet stable... Thanks for the invite, I enjoyed chillin even though I had to roll out a little early. You got a gret setup there...

no, thank you to everyone for coming over. I had a great time..and wow, there were some very nice cars there. Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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