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Galactic Whistler v 3.0 plans

well I've decided to leave the supercharged world and going to see where life takes me next!

issues with going turbo have been popping up ever since .. man, I can't even remember!

decided after calculating the costs of replacing my accessories ever 2 years instead ofevery 5... it was going to be an even more taxing hobby... that and VF engineering claimed to have created a bracket that would solve ALL TENSIONING ISSUES, but were not releasing it for public purchase and could only be acquired by getting the stage 4 kit which is about $2700 - so it is for about the same price it would cost me to have a VERY modifiable turbo kit, sigh... :(

only benefit is the constant power on from the charger and the fact that even though it's forced induction that costs power, it won't blow up from an oversurge of air or a stuck wastegate...

and I'll get to go back to my belt tensioning system!


I think that's bullshit that VF won't offer the cure to their faulty R&D unless you purchase a whole new stage....BOYCOTT!!!! PDT_Aliboronz_16

yeah, I'm not really happy with how they are going about distributing their products ... but alas! I've swapped to the dark side.... now I just need to drop this old oilpan and tap the new one with an -10AN fitting, install it, and move on to acquiring my other pieces.

let me rumage through my used box o' stuff I think I have some pieces you could use along the way...
Getta Life

welcome... Young Jedi.

use the boost luke, use the boost.

100 miles more left till break-in is complete!! I thought I was leaking oil from the rear main seal again, but my blowby is leaking out from that area so not too sure...

I need a frikkin paint job!! maybe Josef's got INs?

I need a tial wastegate spring!!! hopefully I'll be getting that sooner than later...

NEKO!!! help mee with my hoooooooooooooooood!

just happy it's all back together!
Getta Life

It's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!!!! PDT_Aliboronz_15

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