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dynoed the monstrosity - came up a bit short :(

Car is mk4 12v vr6 with a Turbonetics t04e (I think) 60-1 w/ .81 hotside
a little more about the engine
double row upper chain
8.5:1 HGS
42lb inj
c2 42lb tune and MAF
custom FMIC
tial wastegate with recirc
2DVs with recirc
Very custom turbo manifold
custom 2.5" alum piping
3" DP to 2.5" after the racing cat.
any other questions will be addressed accordingly...

making power I was kinda looking for, but the fuel isn't there...
the fueling was brought to you by the VF stage 3 intank pump upgrade (whatever that might be).
at the time I was running a 30/70% mix of E85 and 93 OCT.

I dont' have a scanner right now, but previously on the same dyno I made 278 whp with a VF stage3 kit... now I'm kicking around 333whp which is nice, but my A/F is crazy lean - like stoich at redline :eek:
pressure is set to approx 13 PSI using electronic boost controller by Greddy (which I've not completely set up)

what might be possible solutions to this issue of fuel starvation?

options include but not limited to:
1) increase FPR from 3bar to +
2) since I don't know what size my vf3 intank pump is, go with some aftermarket fuel pumps using in-line format
3) just run low boost from now on (my worst case scenario and I never want to do that unless all other options have been exhausted)

any input/insight/opinions would be greatly appreciated!  Smilie_PDT :thumbup:

N                  N                 OO                  SSS
NN                N              O     O              S       S
N  N              N             O        O            S
N    N            N            O          O           SS
N      N          N            O          O                SS
N        N        N              O       O                     S
N          N      N               O     O              S      S
N             N NN                 O O                  SSS

TWO OF THE BIG ONES.  PDT_Aliboronz_20

yeah, and I need to overnight some parts from japan to get rid of my "danger to manifold" cel to go off. it's fixed for the most part - just had to lemmiwink it a bit and my fuel trims are much healthier now Smilie_PDT

Don't forget that your pump gas proabably has a measurable amount of Ethonol, "up to 10%" Forum Index -> H-o-H Technical
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