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Doug's 1999 VW Jetta GLX VR6

Car Name - hmm... I just bought it, I'll work on that one.

Color: Silver Arrow
Date purchased: Aug 28,2006
Engine: 2.8L VR6 12V

Mods Engine: Optima Red Top Battery , MK4 Plug wires

Mods Suspension: Nothing, riding high SUV-style

Mods Interior: Removed all airbags (yikes!), CitiGolf Steering wheel, MK3.5 Cabrio 2-tone dash panels, Upper euro glove box (in place of pass. Airbag), MOMO shift knob (yes, I know, its an automatic, don't flame me too bad!), various chrome bits and pieces, MK3.5 Cabrio dash switches (red/blue lighting instead of green/orange), Kenwood EZ-500 head unit, XM Radio,

Mods Exterior: Debadged trunklid (if that counts as a mod), Billet shorty antenna


clean and love the engine. but what steering wheel is that?

Its from the Citi Golf. Its only sold in South Africa, and it is a reproduction of the original Rabbit. Believe it or not, its a currently produced and sold car. That steering wheel is my favorite part of my car. As far as I know, on the vortex anyway, nobody at all has it in their MK3. Here is the car it came from.

Check out the VW South Africa site:

Cool... Another VR6!!! Hellz yeah! so when you wanna turbo it? Smilie_PDT just playin... Smilie_PDT

It's kinda funny how you have a mk3 vr6 with mk4 plug wires Smilie_PDT

I got the mk4 vr6 with mk3 plug wires PDT_Aliboronz_20

Lucky for you it'll be easy to grab a mk4 wheel and toss it on there PDT_Aliboronz_15

You need to buy brandon's mk4 GLX wheels from him and pimp those PDT_Aliboronz_09

Cool, where are these alleged wheels? Consider me interested!!! I wanna see!

you mean the gold ones that are sitting in my garage?

while i was sitting here, my bro came over, so I took a pic.. The red Golf is my old Mk3.


you know whats weird.....i have not seen either one of these vws PDT_Aliboronz_07
where do u live?

I live on the very north side of town, close to centerville and byron. My brother works at the Oreilly auto parts store on Watson, so the Golf is always parked outside during the day, and at Sears at the Galleria, so its always there at night. And I work at Pier 1 Imports, so my car is always sitting outside there. I ride around so much (theres not much else to do here), I'm surprised you haven't seen me yet.. I gotta take a look at your car. When I looked at the group pics from the mall, I saw a bunch of cars that I recognized from around town. One of the waiters at El Bronco drives a clean silver Mk4 GTI, has Monte wheels.. I don't drive too far going to work, so thats the only other vw i really see on a daily basis

oh yes. i remebmer seeing the red gti at orilleys like everytime i pass it, but dont goto the mall alot. i was at el diablo(bronco) the other day and the car was there, it looked just like mine with the santa monicas

welcome aboard

sorry i fell off the face of the Earth!

Ok, I've been meaning to get back in touch here forever. Here are some updated pics of my VR. If anyone knows where I can get a CHEAP running MK2 or Caddy, lemme know! I want a fun beater car to tinker with.

Any new events going on soon?


And one more for fun  PDT_Aliboronz_15

now that's awesome!!! dubway Smilie_PDT  PDT_Aliboronz_15

How did I miss this?  This form system is screwy. PDT_Aliboronz_08

anyone feel like giving me the step through on how to swap out an auto shifter for a custom one on a Jetta IV 99 -03


make do with what u got amirite? Forum Index -> H-o-H Rides
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