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CEL P0420 Questions/help

Anyone have VAG COM handy. I just put an APR RSC exhaust on my MKV GTI. I am recieving the P0420 code on my CEL and I dont want my car to go into lip mode. Has anyone had this problem with putting an exhuast on there car and what was the fix? I researched it a bit and i think I am going to have to mode my last o2 senser after the Cat. Any ideas?

Might just be the O2 is located in the wrong place where the gas is too turbulent.  I have read that the O2 spacers available at some parts stores will solve that problem -- it's just a little extention that puts the tip of the sensor out of the direct exhaust stream, but you have to have some clearance for it. Forum Index -> H-o-H Technical
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