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Dudes.... im officially out of Dublin, and im working in Macon, so im here doing nothing... all week... and to top it off i dont have much money... so... what can i do in macon on weeknights with hardly any money?

Happy Hour!  Where in Macon do you live.  Im off Zebulon.

So come spend a few of your hard earned dollars this Friday night!  Meet on Zebulon Rd.  Movie afterward is optional, we don't normally do stuff like that.

im off bass road. i wish i would have known about happy hour earlier.

this friday... now i know why i was thinking the Atlanta thing was friday....

im going to atlanta thursday for a gtg... and then im going to the friday one here!

if anyone wants to do something tonight, since im bored out of my mind when i get off work... im not opposed. Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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