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August Meet Up

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was seeing if anyone would be internested in a get together next friday night the 27th. I have noticed no plans for next month, also it is the tail end of summer and alot of dubbers clam up in the winter. so i am also suggesting that we get some more get togethers going and do some road trips on something just stupid. but lets just start with the 27th. I suggest O' Charley's at 7 pm at least meet there then get a idea of what peeps want. Hope people will show

i will try and make it .  i have been working on buying a house so haven't been on the computer at all lately.  and as soon as i get a gas friendly car up and running i really do want to do road trips to other gtg's so we can get our name out there and maybe someday host a car show.

I like the idea, but I'll have to wait until next week sometime to see if I can make it.  I'm in ATL now.

yeah i would like to get the name out there also. the biggest leap and bound is going to be getting a solid crowd of peeps to show. In all fairness i think we need to have a meet in Macon also so peeps arent always driving down here. I have seen a sun beaten logo and would like to see a finished product. Maybe a few changes can bring a new face to the club. but lets start with a meeting first. i  am dedicated to getting this back on track i know there is a good crowd of people here in middle ga we just need to find them and make it bigger. Durty Dubs is on the down  in atlanta, with not doing the car show any more. so it is time for us to step up to the plate. go team go. LOL Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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