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April Meet

First Friday; April 4th, 7pm -- place TBD

I'll be out of town, so I'll let you guys figure it out, unless you want to wait until 2nd Friday, the 11th.  It'd be nice if Mark could make it, but I'm sure there's something in ATL he's got to go to both weekends anyway.  ;)

Im down to go and meet all of you, it doesnt matter to me which of those 2 weekends it is.

come on adam you can make it i will be there         not.  only cause i am several thousand miles away.  PDT_Aliboronz_14

I will be hundreds of miles away.  Just because I'm not likely to be shot at ... well, I do have to drive through Atlanta.

I will actually be here this weekend.  I am probably going to go downtown for 1st friday.  Let me know where you all want to meet.

alright where and when for Fri afternoon?  Just throwing this out there....Buffalo's in WarTown, it's kinda across the street from Outback on Watson.

Did anybody make it out Friday?

Since a few of us couldn't make it;  Mark is "sponsoring" a mini-meet at the
White Lightining BBQ, Macon, Friday Aptil 11 at 7pm,
located at the corner of Spring and Walnut Streets.  Parking is limited, so show up to Mark's any time after 6pm and we'll walk down to the BBQ place.  New folks IM or call us for directions.

Show up and get some EuroHoH Business Cards to help spread the word.

I couldnt make it, i ended up going to a funeral on friday for a friend of mine, and could not make it out.  If you guys want to meet anywhere else this month let me know. Forum Index -> H-o-H Shows, BBQs, & GTGs
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