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so... I start working in Warner Robins full time on July 20. I need to find an apartment. Since i dont know the area, i was hoping for some advice. I have looked and called some places in Warner Robins to find out, that it is out of my price range. So im thinking of going towards the outskirts, maybe Perry or something... I need a place in a good area, i dont mind driving a few miles to get to work. Any suggestions?

Which part of town are you going to be working in?

im not positive exactly. I was told it was going to be on Watson close to 475 maybe... just as of now, once i start working there full time, im going to be driving an hour every day there and an hour back home. and honestly, i love my family, but i have been on my own so long, i dont wanna live with them... please help me... i dont make a whole lot of money, so the cheapest i can get in a decent part of town would be lovely... like i said.. i am willing to drive like 15 minutes or so to work if i have to. I just want to be able to sleep in my own bed in my own room. for the time being, i am sharing a room with my 13 year old sister... you gotta help me out!

I don't know of anything specific, but Byron or Perry will be your best bets for cheaper stuff.  WR prices are really inflated.

where working? macon's not that far depending on where you are driving to...  you got a price range? Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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