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Anyone with a VAG-COM?

I'm trying to swap my stock ECU back in and need to recode the immobilizer. For some reason, my (very old) Ross-Tech ISO interface doesn't appear to be working properly... I keep getting an error saying that my car is not OBD-II compatible althpugh the interface checks good. I'm using the same laptop and interface cable that I used to use, so I'm confused.

So, anyone have a VAG COM that can help me out?

Thanks in advance!


i will have to see if mark still has his up and running.  have you tried getting a newer software version for your imobilizzer?

I downloaded the latest "lite" version from Ross-Tech with the same results, I can't access any modules. Autozone's scanner could read codes, so the port is working. I can only assume it is my cable...

I got it, thanks though. A buddy at work had an "ECS Master - ECS100" scanner. Besides the lack of any instructions, it's not a bad little scanner...

cool hope you get everything figured out. Forum Index -> H-o-H Technical
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