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Anyone want to buy my 18" S4 wheels?

I am going to buy new wheels and tires soon and looking to get rid of my stock wheels. They are 18X8 cast and are about 26lbs each. I will probably have them refinished because 3/4 have slight curb rash. The tires are not worth anything, but I can leave them on if you like.

Not sure yet what I am looking to get for them yet, but I thought if I could sell them local and to a friend that would be better than on AW or VW Vortex.

i am very interested in those

honestly, they would look super hawt on the beetle Smilie_PDT

If you guys are seriously interested and want to see them in person let me know. We can maybe hook up for a bit so you can check them out. We could also work out a price then too if you still want them.

quick question that will alleviate some confusion...

what is the offset and bolt pattern of the wheels Smilie_PDT
I keep thinking they're audi standard 5x112 but for some reason, it could be 5x100 ... what are they?

got any 13x8's laying around. PDT_Aliboronz_20 just thought i ask.

Offset= ET45
Pattern= 5X112
Size= 18X8
Style= Stock Avus
Wieght= 26lbs

FXgolf, my front rotors are bigger than 13 inches, so not a chance on that size wheel.

damn that bolt pattern wouldn't work for me then huh? because i have 5x100

they make adapters....freggin idiot PDT_Aliboronz_04

nuts i would love some 13's. yes you can get adapters for them and they will act as spacers also. Forum Index -> H-o-H General
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