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alright you mk4 euroHoHs - Deal on sideskirts! UPDATED

I spoke to dubtechnik, they are currently selling their m3 sideskirts for 185 shipped... good, cool... but I asked them how much it would save us if we bought in bulk and had them shipped to one location, say, my house or DaBrad's house - they replied, and it is an extra $20-25 off for purchase and shipment of the sideskirts.

it will cost 495 shipped for 3 sets, 650 for 4 (I think), etc.
I will need $100 down payment for the skirts and you can pay the remaining balance when it arrives... I just need some partial funding to make the order happen...
looks like we will be getting 4 sets. it will be 162.50 each to for this order to go through... they have a limited number left (17 only) so we need to do this by friday or monday.


do not purchase from the link, if we get it together, we'll probably end up going through one individual (most likely me) and get sent to hopefully DaBrad's house since he's got room Smilie_PDT


screw cosmetic right now.....i have to fix the motor first. but its stilla good deal

good deal but they weigh too much for me. Smilie_PDT

if they wiegh to much you might want to think to take all the change out of your change holder so it wont blow a nother fuse + less weight :shock:

oh you bastard. that weight is close to the front wheels anyway. Smilie_PDT

updates - 495 for 3 will cover bigbrad, brandon, and myself
Getta Life

Got boot leg 20th Ed. skirts. Sweet deal though unbeatable really.

1st post updated if you haven't noticed yet.

i'm definently down for that PDT_Aliboronz_15

hey that jetta on the top right kinda looks like mine doesn't it hehehe PDT_Aliboronz_07

everything should be good... 162.50 from all interested and we'll get 4 sets of skirts

1st post has been updated again

I have received payment from Brandon

awaiting payment from Juan and BigBrad

I will be placing the order at 2:30PM today.

okay... skirt purchase has been made, we should be getting them by monday or tuesday of next week...

DaBrad! can we bring them to your hizzy?

Mark, I'll have the money for you @ Sonic

on1salsero wrote:
Mark, I'll have the money for you @ Sonic

received, now awaiting payment from BigBrad... Forum Index -> H-o-H Dub Related
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