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airbag light help

i replaced my headlight switch today, and when doing so i unpluged the airbag light. know for some reason when i start the car the light will do its test, go off for a second and the come back on. after 3-5 mins it will go back off. any help would be great. does anyone have vagcom that will work with a 95 glx.

sup sup, I got a vagcom for you so we can see what might be up with your car... I do not have any diagnostic knowledge for mk3 though... but at we can at least narrow down some possibilities... hit me up on PM so I can get you my contact info!

Just make sure everything got plugged back in, nothing loose ... including bolts, they might be the grounding for the airbag module.

a contact maybe dirty as well.  if no luck with the dash check and see if you have anything around you seats that is loose.  on the mk4 the seat sensor goes bad or looses conection due to dirty contacts on the seat plug.

and air bags are for chicks anyhow.  PDT_Aliboronz_14

for some reason on a mk3 when anything dealing with the airbag system gets unpluged the airbag light comes on.  there is nothing wrong with the airbags, you just neend to use vagcom to reset the system.  it is not a problem just something that happens, mine does the same thing. i reset it and it is fine, until i unplug it again. Forum Index -> H-o-H Technical
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